With more than 24 years of experience in business-to-business communications, our services reflect and respond to the ever-changing business needs of our diversified clientele. We offer a full range of solutions to our clients from graphic conception and design, to web site development and maintenance. Our web capabilities include the creation of Intranet and Extranet environments as well as transactional web sites. In addition, we manage and maintain the various elements of your web site such as databases, online forms and requests, and web statistics.
Web Design & Development
The design involves establishing the look, feel, and navigational structure of your site on paper. The development is the actual production of the web pages along with all of the graphics that make up your web site.

Site Hosting & Management
Hosting involves the placement of your web pages on our server and thus on the Internet for worldwide access. Once your site is launched, we offer management services such as adding pages at your request, maintaining and improving the site whenever necessary, and processing requests arriving through online forms.

Database Design, Development, & Management
The design and development of databases require a tremendous amount of input from you the customer. It is therefore imperative for us to work with our customers as partners in order to maximize the performance and efficiency of any database(s) that their web sites might contain.

The design and implementation of a database is both an art and a science. The goal of a database is to organize different types of information into a logical sound reality through which functional information can be generated for decision-making purposes. Management of a database includes the continuous reorganization of information and responding to your requests for the creation of various functional business reports.

Additional services include the following:
Domain name registration
Virtual domain hosting
FTP site for uploading and downloading
Design, structure, and development of web site
Sorting and mounting of information
Maintenance of sites
Preparation of electronic forms
Generation of links with search engines, generation of reciprocal links
Design and development of databases
Integration to web site
Maintenance, upgrades, and updates
Searchable index
SQL integration
Monthly reports

Creation of graphic concepts
Logo design
Implementation of logos into various stationary materials, such as letterheads, fax cover sheets, business cards, envelopes, etc.
Design and production of high quality brochures
Design and production of posters to be used at trade shows and meetings
Trade show booth designs
Design and production of presentations with overhead transparencies and printed materials
Preparation of 35mm colour slide presentations
Preparation of display advertising materials
Dealing with magazines and supplying the required materials
Design of promotional items
Packaging designs